Anti-glare aluminium panels

Large-format aluminum anti-glare panel designed to protect people and animals from the glare of vehicle lights.



Anti-glare panels are designed to protect the protection of people and animals against the flare of vehicle lights.

BUDAN S panels are used mainly at human crossings and animal passes in protected areas where there is a risk of dazzle resulting from vehicle traffic.

Aluminum used instead of wood

Wooden panels

Requirements and properties
  • they require the highest quality wood, without knots, cracks and deformations
  • require careful impregnation with chemicals
    they need maintenance every few years
  • over time, they become less resistant to fire
  • over time, they become less resistant to fungi, in particular mold fungi and rot
  • with time, they can become discolored, there are water stains and blue stains
  • they are made of wood - a material not very resistant to mechanical damage and acts of vandalism

Aluminum panels BUDAN S

Requirements and properties
  • they are made entirely of varnished aluminum resistant to corrosion, aging and UV
  • have a 15-year warranty
  • they do not require maintenance
  • they have a light construction that facilitates assembly
  • they are resistant to acts of vandalism
  • they have anti-graffiti coatings
  • they can imitate natural wood
  • they are entirely made of recyclable materials
  • they do not contain toxic or dangerous substances
  • they are made of non-combustible materials
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