Gutter systems

We produce gutter systems made of coated sheet

Gutter systems are made of high quality double-sided coated sheet available in a variety of colors.

Plates coated with 275 g / m2 zinc protected with 50 micron thick polyurethane on each side, which ensures aesthetic appearance, long life and high resistance to weather conditions and mechanical damage (such as scratches, hail, leaf fall, low temperatures, etc.).

One of the undoubted advantages of our guttering is the ease and speed of assembly.

  We enable our clients to adjust the length of the gutter to the needs and dimensions of the building, which has a positive effect on the aesthetics of the finish, functionality and tightness of the entire system.

    We manufacture a complete gutter system for the most demanding customers.

    We have 4 different gutter systems:

    Scandinavia 125/87;
    Scandinavia 150/97;
    NEPTUN 125/87
    BAJKAŁ 150/97 (deep gutters according to the German DIN standard).

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