Sheet metal profiling machines

We produce sheet metal profiling machines and production lines.

Machines and production lines

BUD-MASZ is a producer of machines and production lines for profiling sheets.


BUD-MASZ is a producer of machines and production lines for profiling sheets.

During the year, the company produces about 48 technological lines of various types. The shape and size of the profiled sheet is determined according to the customer's needs.

The advanced and fully automatic profile production process allows for fast and accurate machine operation. They are characterized by easy handling during the production of profiles. Machines can profile sheets with a thickness of 0.5mm to 4mm.

The sample production line includes:

  • Mechanical rolling machine for coils,
  • Section for material introduction,
  • A set of profiling stations
  • Punch
  • Shaped guillotine
  • Control (touch-sensitive LCD panel) - we offer two types of control: STANDARD, which has a 10 '' LCD touch screen, thanks to which the operation is very easy and pleasant PRO, it is equipped with a 19 "LCD touch screen which gives unlimited possibilities eg: being in the office in In Poland, you can easily control, control and program machines located in another country
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Machines have a Declaration of Conformity, CE mark and are covered by a guarantee.

We provide machine assembly at the customer, warranty and post-warranty service.


Our offer includes production lines for profiling:

  • roofing sheet,
  • trapeze,
  • C, Z, Ω profiles,
  • jars,
  • wall panels,
  • siding,
  • decking,
  • slitting
  • cross-cutting machines
  • coiling
  • sheet metal guillotines.
  • machines for cable trays (all models)
  • machines for cable ladders (heavy and light)
  • machines for closed profiles of sewn pipe machines (stapled)
  • machines for angles (for garage doors and section doors)
  • machines for J profile (for garage and sectional doors)

and other


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